We work with clients in many industries and sectors

With TPS Thayer on your side, you’ll leverage our technical expertise coupled with our understanding of your industry. With our insight into the technical aspects of your business, the regulations you face and the reporting requirements needed to make sure you stay compliant, we’ll deliver the accounting, audit and tax services you need to grow and get ahead.

We work with clients in several industries including

Real Estate & Construction

The risks and demands of the real estate & construction industry can be daunting with price increases, supply shortages and profit fades.
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Technology & Cyber Security

Our deep expertise in both software & cybersecurity will help you identify your vulnerabilities.
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At TPS Thayer, we provide oil and gas companies with audits and reviews of financial statements and internal controls reporting following professional standards.
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The healthcare industry has entered an era of unprecedented complexity, escalating costs, changing reimbursement models, rapidly evolving technology and operations.
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Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Our team includes audit, tax, and advisory professionals with years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields.
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Nonprofit executives face a wide range of challenges, including escalating costs, rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, and growing pressures for transparency and sustainability.
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It is a never-ending challenge for companies to comply with reporting requirements...
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Real Estate & Construction

We Help Build Strong Companies

The risks and demands of the construction industry can be daunting with price increases, supply shortages, and profit fades. At TPS Thayer we use extensive industry experience to deliver ideas and solutions that construction businesses need to increase profitability and improve efficiency.

Our team has experience serving construction professionals throughout Houston, coupled with strong relationships and a solid reputation with Houston-area bonding agents and surety companies.

Presenting the best financial picture for underwriters often creates tax liabilities so our clients depend on TPS Thayer for tax planning and consulting. We bring practical tax advice to the table, reviewing your shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and estate-planning documents to make sure they are structured in the most tax-efficient way possible while maintaining harmony among partners and family members.

Your Accounting Partner with the Right Properties.

The real estate world presents a complex set of accounting rules and complex financial effects that require a well-planned approach.

At TPS Thayer, our accountants and advisors provide comprehensive answers to your most pressing real estate questions, including forming a new real estate partnership, acquiring or divesting a property, investing in a new property or real estate investment trusts (REITs), and utilizing Section 1031 Exchange to defer capital gains taxes.

We Help You Shore Up Vulnerabilities

In today’s high-tech environment, you need partners who understand where your gaps lie. Whether it’s copyright violation with software coding or IT hacking, our deep expertise in both software and cybersecurity will help you identify your vulnerabilities and reduce your organizational risk. From guarding against cybercrime, break-ins, and corporate espionage to helping you stay compliant with your industry’s mandated regulations, we’ll help you put into place the processes and procedures to keep your company safe while allowing you to remain agile and innovative.

High Accounting Acumen for High Tech


In an ever-changing digital marketplace with long development cycles, new products that quickly become obsolete, and an environment highly susceptible to piracy, your technology business requires industry-specific knowledge and expertise. 

We provide technology solutions tailored to address your sector’s exclusive needs—using time-tested processes and strategic solutions that will give your company a competitive edge within your industry.

TPS Thayer has an exceptional combination of technology experience and sound business understanding.

Cybersecurity and Technology

The Energy Financial Experts

You Need to Grow.


TPS Thayer’s energy industry financial expertise includes working with clients on audit, tax, and accounting issues. We provide you with the insight you need to help you meet the complex challenges unique to your industry. Our team gives you comprehensive services and solutions to help move your business forward through audit and enterprise risk, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services.

Our energy clients range from start-up oil and gas exploration and development companies to operating production companies. Whether you are an operator or non-operator, gas vs. oil, focused or domestic vs. international company, the specialists at TPS Thayer understand your business and can provide you the expertise you need to grow profitably.

Energy Industry Audit

Auditing oil and gas and other extractive industries are unique. At TPS Thayer, we provide oil and gas companies with audits and reviews of financial statements and internal controls reporting following professional standards. We have audit teams with a deep understanding of the auditing issues unique to the oil and gas industry.

Energy Industry Tax Advisory

When you need specialized tax knowledge, or you need to supplement your tax organization while understanding the details necessary to oil and gas companies, TPS Thayer’s tax professionals can step in and step up. Let us help you explore ways to reduce your tax exposure by helping you understand and manage critical tax issues. The dramatic changes occurring in the tax arena require companies to do more proactive planning to help maintain a competitive advantage, and that’s where our team excels.

Energy Industry Accounting Services

We understand the accounting and reporting implications for oil and gas companies, including:

  • Derivative Accounting
  • Successful Efforts Accounting
  • Purchase Accounting
  • Production Revenue and Royalty Accounting
  • Joint Venture Accounting and Joint Interest Billings
  • Depletion, Depreciation, and Amortization
  • Asset Retirement Obligations and Environmental Issues


Let Us Help Keep Your Healthcare Business Healthy.

The healthcare industry has entered an era of unprecedented complexity, escalating costs, changing reimbursement models, rapidly evolving technology and operations, and delivery of care. As a result, hospitals, physicians, and payers continue to face opportunities and challenges with This has resulted in industry consolidations: mergers, acquisitions, and financial and clinical relationships.

With no slowdown in sight, the industry continues to change – addressing organizational and service-line profitability, innovations in technology and delivery of care, enterprise risk and risk management, and return on investment.

To assist our industry clients, TPS Thayer offers in-depth industry knowledge and experience to provide support and solutions for this complex and fast-changing sector. For more than two decades, we have offered a holistic multidisciplinary team approach that combines advisory, audit, and tax services to address the diverse opportunities, challenges, and areas of risk our healthcare clients face.

We Provide a Healthy Dose of Experience.

Biotechnology, life science, and pharmaceutical breakthroughs play an essential role in the future of health care, both nationally and globally. Our team at TPS Thayer includes audit, tax, and advisory professionals with years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields, delivering strategic advice that helps clients grow and succeed. Our team works to provide compliance, identify issues, and solve problems for every type of business within these industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical and biopharma companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Biotech companies

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Nonprofit and Social Sector


Nonprofit executives face a wide range of challenges, including escalating costs, rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, and growing pressures for transparency and sustainability.
From back-office solutions that keep nonprofit organizations and businesses compliant and efficient to the more in-depth strategies that create sustainability and profitability, our professionals at TPS Thayer help our clients advance their missions and deliver on their promise to the world.

We're in the Service Business Too.

Professional services providers excel at their craft, focused on meeting their clients’ unique needs. As a professional services firm and servicer of this sector, we realize, on the other hand, that not all companies can be equally focused on running their businesses. Issues like strategic planning, internal controls, financial forecasting, and growth initiatives are often not their strengths.

This is when it makes sense to develop a team of trusted advisors, including accounting and business advisory firms. TPS Thayer has provided audit, tax, and business advisory services to architects, engineers, physicians, attorneys, and other professional service providers for more than two decades. As an independent, growth-directed professional services firm, we have worked hard to establish best practices in talent development, market eminence, profitable growth, merger identification and integration, and customer and employee retention for ourselves as well as for our clients. We have a firsthand understanding of the importance of growing a business.

A full-service firm, TPS Thayer meets our clients’ needs from inception through growth cycles and economic declines with a focus on strategic business management. Working with our dedicated professionals, you will benefit from our knowledge and guidance, helping you focus on profitability without sacrificing the basics of your ultimate success: your passion, experience, and dedication to your clients.

Professional Services


It is a never-ending challenge for companies to comply with reporting requirements, stay on top of the regulations they face, and remain current on technical accounting rules. With our insight into your business’s technical aspects and the constraints you face, we help meet reporting and regulatory demands while providing insight into the strength of controls, operational performance, and financial health.

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John Thayer, CPA

Managing Partner

John is an accomplished Tax Partner with 40+ years’ experience.  He personally oversees the preparation of over 1500 annual tax returns.

John received his Bachelor of Business of Administration Degree from the University of Houston where he is an active alumnus.

Areas of Expertise
  • Tax Returns
  • IRS Audit & Negotiations
  • Public & Private  Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Medical Practices
  • Business Valuations
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Litigation Support & Expert Testimony
  • Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Estate & Gift Tax

Curt Vaculik, AE  

Tax Principal

Curt is an accomplished tax partner with 15 years of professional experience with strong expertise in healthcare, construction, and real estate.

He graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA in Accounting in 2003. 

Contact him today to discover what his extensive knowledge can do for you.

Areas of Expertise
  • Income tax planning
  • Income tax preparation
  • Choice of entity and business structure planning
  • Tax minimization and credit strategies        
  • Business purchase, sale, or mergers
  • Sale or purchase of real property
  • Property exchanges
  • Lease/Buy analysis
  • Financing alternatives
  • International issues
  • Consolidated returns
  • Tax credits (R & D, work opportunity, earned income, foreign, etc.
  •  Payroll, property and sales tax issues
  • IRS audit representation
  • Estate & Gift Tax

Faisal Siddiqui - CPA

Audit Partner

Faisal Siddiqui boasts over 18 years of professional experience, including his tenure at Big Four accounting firms and his involvement in audit inspections with PCAOB. His extensive background encompasses leading both International and Domestic engagements. These engagements range from Emerging Growth Companies to Fortune 500 enterprises, where he has guided companies through IPOs, evaluated and implemented Internal Control Environments, and assessed Audit Quality & Remediation.

With a history of service across various industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, hospitality, utility & power generation, home building, information technology, construction, and private equity funds & brokerage enterprises, Faisal Siddiqui possesses an unparalleled wealth of diverse technical knowledge and experience.

His impressive portfolio encompasses clients from both the privately held and publicly-traded realms. No task is deemed too small or too large; feel free to reach out to him at any time to discover solutions tailored to your needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Public and Private Accounting
  • External and Internal Auditing
  • Internal Control Auditing
  • Implementation of COSO Framework
  • Financial Analysis
  • Marketing Research Consultation
  • Assessment and Consultation on Audit Quality
  • Consultation for Remediation
  • Consultation on PCAOB Comment Forms

Jose Pena - CPA

Audit Partner

CPA in Texas, Venezuela and Colombia, bilingual (English-Spanish) with international Public Accounting experience. Proven and comprehensive experience in audits and business advisory role in Energy, Services, Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Distribution audits. Broad range of achievements as a Big Four Professional Services Partner in a highly competitive, change intensive environment. Resourceful leader with a strong balance between technical proficiency, business objectives, strategic vision and organizational and staff development.

Extensive expertise in all key aspects of financial management including: auditing, accounting & risk assessment, financial reporting & analysis, performance & profit improvement, accounting systems & internal control, business opportunity assessments, IPO, reverser mergers & regulatory/SEC compliance, and International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”).

Specialties: IFRS experience, SOX 404 compliance,Accounting for Foreign Currency, Income Taxes, Impairment of Long Live Assets, Stock Based Compensation.

Patrick Wong - CPA

Audit Partner

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May Huang - CPA

Audit Partner

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