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Your Accountant –Your Financial Hero in these Challenging Times

posted April 09, 2020

Your Accountant –Your Financial Hero in these Challenging Times.  Ever since my accounting class in College, I have admired what accountants do. Besides balancing debits & credits on spreadsheets they also prepare taxes, bookkeeping, audits, valuations, battling with the IRS & many other essential services for your personal finances as well as your company. Before working for ThayerONeal, I saw most accountants as shy, nerdy people glued to their computer screen. Now I see them as compassionate hero’s working endless hours helping our clients whom many they also consider friends.

While our experienced & caring professionals are working hard and doing their very best during the COVID-19 pandemic please remember they may need you to assist them so your taxes, bookkeeping, consulting, audit, SBA & PPP loan applications can get done in a timely & accurate manner. A few things to help your Tax Preparer get your personal & companies matters in order:

1. Have all your personal & company tax information ready and organized for your tax preparer.

2. Have all your company’s financial information ready & assessable for the auditors so they can do an accurate & complete audit in compliance with the SEC.

If you are applying for a SBA or PPP loan, you need your 2019 taxes completed.

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