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The Trusted Financial Advisors You Need in Your Corner

Consulting & Financial Reporting

Trust is the key attribute our clients have in us because we approach every client as a trusted business advisor. Advisory services are solution focused and the lifeblood of what bonds us to our clients and establishes and maintains the level of trust that they have in us.

Outsourced Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation

Entrepreneurial businesses often reach a point where they need accounting oversight and someone to take on the burden of daily accounting tasks, but can’t justify the cost of a full-time CFO or controller. When you reach that point, outsourced accounting services can give you back your time and help you make informed decisions.

We standardize the processes involved with the accounting functions of a small business. Our structured outsourced accounting services are uniquely tailored to keep your cost down but maximize the accounting expertise you need to run your business. Generally, transaction entry is performed by someone in your businesses. Paying bills, sending invoices, maintaining any industry specific billing or cost accounting program you have are done by your staff.

At TPS Thayer, we assure that bank accounts are enabled for online banking and that transactions download regularly making sure that cash accounts are reconciled timely. At month end we access your accounts electronically, make any required journal entries and deal with unusual or large transactions and prepare reports for management, including compiled financial statements.

Financial Reporting

Many of our clients are publicly reporting. We assist with the preparation of SEC forms including 10K, 10Q and S-1 registration statements. Having experienced CPAs with management consulting expertise draft the management, discussion and analysis included in these reports makes them more beneficial to the reader and more consistent from period to period.

Industry Specific Consulting

Our professionals have expertise in several industries and healthcare is the industry in which we excel. We assist medical groups and other healthcare providers in implementing change management processes including practice assessments to determine where operations efficiencies need to be applied, benchmarking and implementation of physician compensation plans.

Data Analysis and Continuous Fraud Auditing

We use various powerful data analysis tool to assist our auditors perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns. We have on many occasions utilized this data analysis approach to provide continuous auditing oversight to minimize the risk of fraud, embezzlement or other financial irregularities in our client’s business operations.

Consulting Services

Outsourced Controllership

Write up services are out, accounting oversight is in. Having your CPA enter transactions and reconcile accounts to produce financials or prepare tax returns is inefficient and too expensive. We provide a standard process and only accept clients that adhere to that process. Transactions are entered by your staff, on your GL software system, QuickBooks Online or other cloud-based system.

Bank accounts are enabled for electronic banking and transactions download daily to the system. We access the GL at month end, tie in control totals, make recurring journal entries and deal with non-recurring transactions. We compile the financial statement and review them with management providing an efficient, affordable financial reporting system.

Management Reporting

While a monthly review of traditional financial statements is a minimum baseline requirement for any business, the addition of graphics, benchmarking and other non-traditional methods of presenting data are much more useful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of business issues and areas in the business that require attention.

Most businesses have access to industry survey data on key performance indicators and the implementation of tools to monitor these KPI gives more insight into areas requiring attention in your operations. We accumulate those benchmarks and compare your performance to them in the areas of profitability, productivity, compensation, net equity and liquidity to identify areas where we need to take a deeper look.

Operational Assessment

From time to time businesses encounter operations issues and need assistance identify these issues and addressing them. An operational assessment usually begins with a financial analysis and benchmarking comparison to identify what might be the problem which could be slow collection of receivables, inadequate gross margins, low profitability or similar issues.

We follow the financial assessment up with an onsite review of operations including interviews with key personnel as well as those in operations. This interview and observation process gives us valuable insight to determine root causes of the issues identified in the financial assessment and benchmarking review. At that point we can make recommendations and begin the change management process.

Turnaround Management

In turbulent times, change is often required, sometimes mandatory. Small issues can quickly turn into major financial problems and there is no reason to identify broken systems unless the business is willing to implement a change management process. At times it’s the only alternative to bankruptcy, sometimes a process done in conjunction with bankruptcy.

The Houston industrial area experiences recurring business cycles usually dictated by the price of oil. A downturn requires business management to take steps required to keep businesses moving, protect capital and ensure the survival of the business. We can help make the hard decision required to implement these processes and monitor the outcome to more profitable operations.

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