Real Estate Financial Advisors -Outsource Auditing For Real Estate in Houston, TX

We Help Build Strong Companies

The risks and demands of the construction industry can be daunting with price increases, supply shortages, and profit fades. At TPS Thayer we use extensive industry experience to deliver ideas and solutions that construction businesses need to increase profitability and improve efficiency.

Our team has experience serving construction professionals throughout Houston, coupled with strong relationships and a solid reputation with Houston-area bonding agents and surety companies.

Presenting the best financial picture for underwriters often creates tax liabilities so our clients depend on TPS Thayer for tax planning and consulting. We bring practical tax advice to the table, reviewing your shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and estate-planning documents to make sure they are structured in the most tax-efficient way possible while maintaining harmony among partners and family members.

Your Accounting Partner with the Right Properties.

The real estate world presents a complex set of accounting rules and complex financial effects that require a well-planned approach.

At TPS Thayer, our accountants and advisors provide comprehensive answers to your most pressing real estate questions, including forming a new real estate partnership, acquiring or divesting a property, investing in a new property or real estate investment trusts (REITs), and utilizing Section 1031 Exchange to defer capital gains taxes.