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Small to Medium-Sized Companies

TPS Thayer brings a sensible point of view to our client relationships. We support a broad industry sectors both in the USA and globally. We focus on providing a full range of bookkeeping, tax, finance and consulting services to your small business in response to the operating challenges you face daily. We produce seamless, consistent and high-quality results to any size clients worldwide.

Our unique services are offered within the context of an industry related focus. Our expert professionals have a broad knowledge in a wide variety of industries while still maintaining an in-depth experience in many industries. Our versatility enables our firm to translate a unique perspective for our clients: a special understanding of their business operations and goals that allows us to provide a personalized service that is distinctive among other firms.

Since our expertise spans across numerous verticals, this gives us the ability to identify trends toward different industry changes that enables our clients to be ahead of the curve, which ultimately gives our clients an advantage over their competitors.

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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world — giving our clients the highest quality advice possible.