Financial Experts for Energy Industry - Energy Industry Accounting Services in Houston, TX

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TPS Thayer’s energy industry financial expertise includes working with clients on audit, tax, and accounting issues. We provide you with the insight you need to help you meet the complex challenges unique to your industry. Our team gives you comprehensive services and solutions to help move your business forward through audit and enterprise risk, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services.

Our energy clients range from start-up oil and gas exploration and development companies to operating production companies. Whether you are an operator or non-operator, gas vs. oil, focused or domestic vs. international company, the specialists at TPS Thayer understand your business and can provide you the expertise you need to grow profitably.

Energy Industry Audit

Auditing oil and gas and other extractive industries are unique. At TPS Thayer, we provide oil and gas companies with audits and reviews of financial statements and internal controls reporting following professional standards. We have audit teams with a deep understanding of the auditing issues unique to the oil and gas industry.

Energy Industry Tax Advisory

When you need specialized tax knowledge, or you need to supplement your tax organization while understanding the details necessary to oil and gas companies, TPS Thayer’s tax professionals can step in and step up. Let us help you explore ways to reduce your tax exposure by helping you understand and manage critical tax issues. The dramatic changes occurring in the tax arena require companies to do more proactive planning to help maintain a competitive advantage, and that’s where our team excels.

Energy Industry Accounting Services

We understand the accounting and reporting implications for oil and gas companies, including:

  • Derivative Accounting
  • Successful Efforts Accounting
  • Purchase Accounting
  • Production Revenue and Royalty Accounting
  • Joint Venture Accounting and Joint Interest Billings
  • Depletion, Depreciation, and Amortization
  • Asset Retirement Obligations and Environmental Issues