We Help You Shore Up Vulnerabilities

In today’s high-tech environment, you need partners who understand where your gaps lie. Whether it’s copyright violation with software coding or IT hacking, our deep expertise in both software and cybersecurity will help you identify your vulnerabilities and reduce your organizational risk. From guarding against cybercrime, break-ins, and corporate espionage to helping you stay compliant with your industry’s mandated regulations, we’ll help you put into place the processes and procedures to keep your company safe while allowing you to remain agile and innovative.

High Accounting Acumen for High Tech


In an ever-changing digital marketplace with long development cycles, new products that quickly become obsolete, and an environment highly susceptible to piracy, your technology business requires industry-specific knowledge and expertise. 

We provide technology solutions tailored to address your sector’s exclusive needs—using time-tested processes and strategic solutions that will give your company a competitive edge within your industry.

TPS Thayer has an exceptional combination of technology experience and sound business understanding.

CPA for Tech Industry– Accountants for Cybersecurity in Houston, TX